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Each city in Morocco has a different vibe and atmosphere unique unto itself. From small Berber villages in the High Atlas, to the cosmopolitan Casablanca holidays, each city has an immense amount of character which can be seen and enjoyed in its souks, restaurants, and streets. Take an excursion from Mazagan when you visit.

For a first time visitor to Morocco there may be some parts of your trip that you are anxious about. We will cover information you need to know about visas, money, getting around the country easily and local customs that you may not know.

El Jadida

The Mazagan resort takes its beauty and style from its location in El Jadida, an ancient town built upon the remnants of a Portuguese city. The massive stone walls surrounding the old city of El Jadida provide a wonderful seaside walk for visitors along with the impressive Fortress of Mazagan, complete with the restored cannons facing the sea that used to protect this important port.

Visitors may also come upon one of the many colourful souks, or marketplaces, that dot the streets of El Jadida during the day. Everything from clothes to spices and souvenirs are sold at these markets which are bustling with the sights and sounds of Moroccan life.

Take a leisurely walk through the city to visit the Old Port and bask in the sun; visit the Portuguese Cistern with its stunning columns and reflections that brings to life memories of a time long passed.

When you are done exploring the city for the day you can rest and relax back at Mazagan, your home away from home when you visit the beautiful country of Morocco.

Things to do in Marrakech

Marrakech is an ancient Berber city and is one of the most culturally diverse cities in Morocco. Known as the Red City because of the stones used for the buildings in the old part of the city, the Medina, Marrakech has grown and thrived through centuries of tribal conflict and European colonialism.

Marrakech has been a melting pot for rural tribesmen and urban dwellers, international tourists and locals drawn to the activity and opportunity of the big city. The Medina and more modern French quarter will provide you with a variety of opportunities to eat, enjoy, and experience life in Morocco.

At the center of Marrakech lies Jamaa El Fna, a large square where you will find restaurants, bars, and plenty of entertainment to keep your eyes and ears busy ! Jamaa el Fna features a wide variety of things to do in Marrakech including street performers, snake charmers, musicians, storytellers, and more.

For extraordinary architecture look no further than El Badi Palace and the Koutoubia Minaret. Visit the Saadian Tombs for a look at Morocco's ancient past and explore the far reaching corners of the city on foot.

If you need an hour or two to rest and relax from the bustle of Marrakech head to the extensive Menara Gardens which will amaze you with their exotic and colourful flora and fauna. For another peaceful and relaxing activity meander through the galleries of one of the many museums in Marrakech including the Marrakech Museum, the Museum of Moroccan Arts (Dar Si Said), or the Museum of Islamic Art.

Marrakech is 195 kilometers away from El Jadida. The trip can be made by bus, which takes about four hours, or by car which can take approximately three hours.


Morocco's biggest city has a long history of French intervention which is seen through its European, cosmopolitan nature in the present day. Casablanca holiday visitors take advantage of the beach clubs and liberal dress code that is certainly a change from smaller Moroccan cities.

Casablanca houses the only Jewish museum in the Muslim world amidst the busy and winding city streets that can be confusing for newcomers to the city. Casablanca is oriented around the Place Mohammed V square in thecentre of the city from which the popular restaurants, hotels, and other tourist attractions can be found.

The old Medina is located to the north of Place Mohammed V and contains many architecturally unique buildings The Mosquée Hassan II will be hard to miss as it is the third largest mosque in the world when you go on an excursion around Casablanca.

For a shopping adventure on your Casablanca holiday head to the Morocco Mall or a local souk. Casablanca is located on the water, so take a day to explore the beautiful beaches and walk along the boardwalk near the Casablanca Marina.

Casablanca is a one hour train journey from Mazagan. Casablanca is about 100 kilometers from Mazagan and can be reached by car, train, and bus.


Fez is an extraordinary gem in the heartof Morocco, a vibrant city situated on the train route between Casablanca and Tangier. Located in the Atlas Mountains, Fez is a great jumping off point for hikers and day-trippers looking for adventures outside the city.

Fez has the world's longest operating madrasa, or religious school, in existence. The University of Al Karaouine is located in Fez and attracts students from all around the country.

Fez is the imperial, intellectual, and spiritual capital of Morocco. Some of the more famous landmarks in Fez include the Bou Inania Madrasa, and the Dar El Magana water clock which is currently being restored.

Visitors can also check out the Aben Danan Synagogue, a 17th century synagogue that has been preserved by the dwindling Jewish community in Fez.

Over a mile of souks line the streets of Fez making it a great destination for souvenir shopping for authentic goods produced in Morocco. Fez is 392 kilometers from Mazagan and can be driven in approximately three and a half hours.


The village of Oualidia lies between El Jadida and the town of Safi, approximately an hour and ten minutes away from the Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort. Take a leisurely drive along the beautiful coastline of Morocco and disembark in Oualidia for a quiet, laid back addition to your Moroccan vacation. Bird watchers will relish the opportunity to observe egrets, herons, flamingos and a variety of other wildlife in the areas near Oualidia.

Take a short boat ride around the pristine lagoon that borders Oualidia and watch oystermen at work. Mohammad V's summer palace lies in ruins just outside of the city and makes for a captivating sunset view before you head back into town for a cool and quiet evening.

Enjoy a meal at one of Oualidia's best seafood restaurants after a day of water activities, sightseeing, and more when you visit Morocco !


With Casablanca as Morocco's commercial capital and Fez its spiritual capital, the political capital of Rabat has proven itself to be one of Morocco's memorable cities.

Rabat is a modern, residential city with excellent public transportation and a riverside boardwalk alongside the Bou Regreg River. Cafes and restaurants line the wide boulevards and shady gardens are to be found around most corners.

You will still find many museums and cultural activities to participate in as well as historical and architectural points of interest.

If you are visiting Morocco in May head to Rabat for "Mawazine", the Festival of Rhythms, a large music festival featuring local and international artists. Watch Rabat come out of its shell !

Rabat is about a two and a half hour train ride from Mazagan. The 187 kilemeters can be travelled by car in less than two hours.

For more information on travelling around Morocco, Casablanca holidays and things to do in Marrakech, please contact Mazagan here
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