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Moroco is elegantly located between Europe and Africa, creating an alluring mix geographically and culturally. French, Spanish, Portuguese, and tribal influences have left their mark on Morocco's language, architecture, food and traditions. Visitors will find Morocco to be familiar and exotic, laid back and vibrant, deeply traditional and modern all at the same time.
Travelling in Morocco is a once in a lifetime experience.

Where to go in Morocco

There are many wonderful cities to visit and mysterious places to explore in Morocco all of which Mazagan can organize for you when you are travelling in Morocco. With the mountains, the ocean, and the desert, there are plenty of exciting activities for the whole family, and for travelers of all interests.

Visit Marrakesh, the cultural heart of Morocco, positively brimming over the history, souks, and more. The central square Jamaa el Fna has a variety of street performers including snake charmers, musicians and vendors selling tasty Moroccan treats. Visitors on a beach holiday in Morocco can take a side adventure to one of the local souks and bargain for fun souvenirs to bring home.

In the medieval city of Fez, you will find exquisite leather handicrafts produced by residents of the city. Fez's old city is a UNESCO World HEritage site but also contains a newer, modern quarter. In Fez you will find mosques, elaborate libraries, museums, and architecture unique to Morocco. Day trips from Fez to surrounding areas can be easily arranged for you to take in more of this wonderful culture and heritage.

Modern Casablanca offers many entertainment options when you are travelling in Morocco for a night out on the town and features a hip young population. Don't miss a visit to the King Hassan II Mosque and the Old Medina while you're here.

Visit the stunning blue city of Chefchaouen and get lost in the winding streets. Hike to the top of North Africa's tallest mountain, Jebel Toubkal. Explore off the beaten path to smaller cities like Meknes, El Jadida and villages in the Dades Valley for scenery you won't easily forget.

No matter where you are travelling in Morocco, you will make memories to last a lifetime.

Things to do in Morocco

Morocco has activities for everyone, making it unique vacation destination as well as the perfect place to go if you want to tailor your trip. From the beach to the mountains, the dunes of the Sahara to the Souks of Morocco will always give you options for things to see and do on your beach holiday in Morocco.

Activities at Mazagan include relaxing on the beach and taking advantage of the abundance of water activities for visitors of all ages. Learn to surf with Mazagan's professional instructors and use your skills to catch some of the best Atlantic waves the world has to offer. Spend the day in the sun before taking a memorable trip to the world class Mazagan Spa where you will emerge refreshed and relaxed after a steam and massage experience.

Take a ride on horseback or by camel along the beach near Mazagan or, for a different sandy location.

Explore the winding souks that are located in many Moroccan cities big and small; sample traditional Moroccan food from local vendors and revel in the variety of sights and sounds that swirl around you.

The memories you make and the activities you experience will be with you long after you've left Morocco's beautiful shores.
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