Corporate Social Responsibility

Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort owes much of its success to its surroundings, making CSR a top priority.


Sustainability Is Our Priority

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a valuable pillar in the Mazagan Vision. The paradigm has shifted from short-term gain to understanding that our resources are finite and that we borrow the Earth from our children. This shift has brought a new sense of sustainability and community to our organisation.

10 Commandments Of An Eco Citizen

We are committed to reducing waste, reducing resource consumption and positively impacting our community. This vision was put into action from the very start here at Mazagan, with all our lagoons, fountains and ponds linked to a water-treatment facility and recycling station to keep water consumption to a minimum.

  • I reduce, sort and recycle my waste
  • I save water
  • I reduce my electricity consumption
  • I use public transportation where possible
  • I repair or give instead of throwing away
  • I buy only what I will consume
  • I use glass, not plastic where possible
  • I am an eco-volunteer
  • I protect the environment around me
  • I take care of my health and well-being, as well as the planet’s
  • Mazagan Beach and Golf Resort - Mazagan enjoys an unrivalled position aside the Atlantic sand dunes and beach

    Green Key Label Award

    Our sustainability efforts have earned us the Green Key Label, awarded to properties with environmentally focused management policies and standards. We are proud of this recognition, and work every day to find new ways to reduce our impact on our unique environment.

    Mazagan Beach and Golf Resort - experience the world-class fairways of our Gary Player golf course

    Keeping It Green

    Designed by Gary Player, our Links Golf Course aims to be as sustainable as possible. Our course preserves the landscape’s natural topography, and its lush green grass was chosen for its ability to thrive using recycled water irrigation. 

    Mazagan Beach and Golf Resort - Mazagan enjoys an unrivalled position aside the Atlantic sand dunes and beach

    We Host Events

    Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort regularly teams up with charitable organisations and local community support associations to host events raising funds and awareness on key issues for the region. Get in touch with us to talk about hosting your event.