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Gaming is and should stay a source of entertainment

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For Gaming To Be Always Fun

While gambling is a source of entertainment and fun, for some it can become an addiction.
Control is the most important skill when it comes to gaming. A player who loses control is driven by impulse and the need to gamble.
Mazagan Casino holds itself to the highest standards of excellence and commits to monitoring the playing habits of its guests.
Our staff is here to ensure you have fun at the casino!.

Voluntary Exclusion

If you wish to be excluded from our establishment and gaming tables, we offer you the possibility of self-exclusion for a defined period of time. Effective immediately, you will be denied access to the casino and your Fariss account will be closed. Voluntary exclusion is confidential and free of charge. Register for voluntary exclusion at the customer service desk in reception.

More Reasons To Stay at Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort

Mazagan Golf Course

Mazagan Golf

Mazagan Golf course has 18 holes over dunes and valleys, was designed by Gary Player, a South African golfer who is considered one of the greatest players the game has ever seen.

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Mazagan Kids Club

Kids Activities

There's a club for everyone at the resort to keep your kids entertained with fun and adventurous activities throughout the day.

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Sel De Mer Restaurant


With eleven restaurants open at various times throughout the year, you will be spoiled for choice when sampling Mazagan’s culinary delight