Healthy Holidays in Morocco

Are you looking for healthy holidays? As well as our fitness center, the Mazagan hotel is host to 4 dedicated sports academies: golf, tennis, football & horse riding

Healthy Holidays

Life is hectic, and it’s not always easy to keep up the pace. Luckily, worn-out bodies and overworked heads in need of rest and relaxation finally have a place to recharge: the magnificent Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort! Here, you can take some precious time out for a wellbeing and fitness holiday like no other!

A wellbeing and fitness holiday in Morocco

A jewel on the Atlantic coast, the Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort has always strived to offer its guests only the best. It is a palatial resort of marble and mosaic that melts into the glistening blue sea, capturing the essence of Morocco, and providing the ideal backdrop for a getaway wholly dedicated to relaxation, fitness and wellbeing. During your stay, you are welcome to enjoy the resort and its myriad facilities – including the spellbinding Mazagan Spa – completely at your leisure.

Your Spa Experience Facing The Ocean

Experience the unique traditional Moroccan rituals. Perfect for single or in a couple, you can relax the body and the mind.

Royal Moroccan Hammam

Begin your spa journey in this unique relaxation temple! Our Hammam is a real sanctuary where the body and mind are in perfect harmony.

Mazagan Beach Resort: A Five-Star Spa Hotel

We take your wellbeing very seriously here. Every captivating aroma, warm hue, and impressive view of our fine architecture is tailored for one purpose: to take you on a journey of the senses. Our team of professionals is committed to re-energising your mind, body and soul, giving it the strength and vigour it needs to meet the challenges you face back home every day. There is no shortage of ways to pamper yourself during your stay – not least of all by dipping your toes in the sea, whose shimmering blue waters epitomise tranquillity and calm.

An overview of wellbeing and fitness at the Resort

Massages and other relaxing treatments:

 There’s nothing quite like a massage to restore the balance in your body. Quite often we lose touch with it, running ourselves through the mill and not giving our bodies the care and attention that they really need. At the Spa, the masseur’s expert hands will relieve your body of all tension, wherever it may be. After your treatment, you will leave feeling revitalised and thoroughly relaxed. You can even indulge in some of the richest skincare treatments on offer, with only the purest active ingredients to rejuvenate your skin. After all, the skin is the first line of defence against outside perils, and it can often find itself worn down. A skincare session with one of our trained specialists is nothing short of blissful, and will give your skin a brilliantly renewed radiance.


When talking about fitness therapy, the benefits of a session in the sauna can’t be overlooked. Also known as Hammam in Morocco, this ambient, warm heat bath has healing properties that have been known for generations, from relaxing muscles to clearing air passages and improving sleep – there’s nothing quite so pleasant. The resort plays host to an authentic 100m2 hammam, comprised of two sauna rooms and a cold room. Here, you can let all the tension in your body ebb away, and feel yourself revitalised by the warm waters – all while marvelling at the majestic marble and mosaic surroundings.

Spiritual journeys

“A healthy mind in a healthy body”… the poet Juvénal understood long ago that caring for your body is futile if your mind isn’t well. The Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort is well aware of the importance of your mental wellbeing, and by providing therapy for the mind; we also provide the base for physical wellness. Serenity comes in many forms, and our team are experts in leading meditation, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga and Power Yoga (to name but a few activities on offer). Your wellness during your holiday is our concern, and you are sure to leave with your spirit calmed and your mind free of worry.

Fitness and health centre

At the heart of the spa is our fitness centre. You are sure to get the most out of your workout with our state of the art Technogym machines. Ready to put some of that excess energy to use? With a wide selection of facilities and activities, including one-to-one exercises, Zumba classes and a free weights room, you have everything you need to work out your way. On-site personal trainers are on hand to walk you through any routine, and make sure that you get the best out of you. It’s safe to say that you’ll be in good hands should you be looking to take on any big physical challenges during your holiday!

Beauty Salon

At the Mazagan Hotel, fitness, wellness and beauty are all one and the same. Tempted by a little beauty therapy after a day by the pool? How about a bit of help making up before a dinner at one of our restaurants? Whatever the reason, you’ll be more than welcome at the Magazan Spa salon: our stylists and beauticians will take good care of you! Be it a manicure, a pedicure or even a haircut, we will ensure the most beautiful you is brought to life!

Yoga - Spiritual Journey

We provide yoga classes for all ages. From Power Yoga that develops athleticism and heavy exertion breathing control to plaintive meditation to soothing music, you can find what you need for your spiritual journey here. For the ultimate "chill-out," there is Yoga Nidra, which is almost a state of suspended animation where participants hover between wakefulness and sleep.

Beauty Centre

While our other services hone in on your inner radiance and healthful feelings, our beauty salon focuses on your outside look. Both men and women can experience a transformation under the skilled hands of our professional hairdressers and barbers. From a bob and tease for her to a glistening shave and cut for him, anyone, even the kids, will look and feel like a million.

Healthy holidays: Sports facilities and activities at the Resort

Are sports holidays your thing? If so, there’s a place at the Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort with your name on it! As well as our fitness centre, the hotel is host to no fewer than four dedicated sports academies; for golf (with an 18-hole course); tennis; football and horse riding. With running, walking and cycle paths, too, there’s an activity for every kind of athlete.

Golf: luxury course, private lessons and golf academy

Tee up on one of Africa’s greatest courses! This 6.8km, 18-hole oceanfront course – designed by Gary Player – offers various green fees for guests, visitors and locals in search of a great weekend’s golfing! Furthermore, the Mazagan Beach Resort is home to a golf academy, which is open to anyone looking to improve their game regardless of their ability. Choose from individual lessons or a weeklong training package and get ready for an exceptional sporting getaway…

Football Courses

Our summer football camps for 6-16 year olds are now open! With Fifa-accredited trainers leading these camps, the Mazagan Beach Resort is the perfect location for future stars to spend an unforgettable week playing the sport that they love.

More Reasons To Stay at Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort

Mazagan Golf Course

Mazagan Golf

Mazagan Golf course has 18 holes over dunes and valleys, was designed by Gary Player, a South African golfer who is considered one of the greatest players the game has ever seen.

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Mazagan Kids Club

Kids Activities

There's a club for everyone at the resort to keep your kids entertained with fun and adventurous activities throughout the day.

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Sel De Mer Restaurant


With eleven restaurants open at various times throughout the year, you will be spoiled for choice when sampling Mazagan’s culinary delight