Mazagan Fitness Centre

Our fitness facilities feature yoga classes, professional trainers and the latest exercise equipment.

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Inspiring Workouts, Incredible Views

Take in breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean while working out in our state-of-the-art gym and fitness centre. Whether you prefer to balance your body with yoga or energise using our Technogym cardio equipment, you’ll feel on top of the world after a session in our exceptional facilities.

We also have a dedicated fitness professional on hand during the Fitness Centre’s opening hours to provide you with expert tips and techniques to ensure you get the most out of your workout.

High-Tech Equipment

Our fitness room is filled with the latest generation equipment and Technogym’s top-of-the-range exercise machines, as well as a yoga studio and weight lifting zone.

Shake Up Your Routine

From high-energy dance routines to soothing stretches, our fitness program will put a spring in your step.

Spice Up Your Day With Zumba

Let your energy shine through with an upbeat dance session, combining fitness and fun.

Private Stretching

Release muscle tension and improve flexibility with a 30-minute private stretching session.

Meet Our Personal Wellness Coach

To lift your fitness game, book a one-hour consultation with our specialist coaches. They’ll tailor a health and exercise program to suit your needs, including a personalised plan to take home.

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Your Spiritual Journey

Visit our dedicated yoga space from sunrise to sunset, where we offer a range of classes from qualified instructors for total mind and body wellness.

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Private Yoga Session

Explore the connection between breath, movement and energy during this private dynamic yoga class.

Individual Meditation Session

Enhance self-awareness with a gentle introduction to breathing techniques, mantras and mudras.

Semi-Private (2 – 4 people)

Tone the body and improve endurance and flexibility in this powerful practice in a semi-private session.

Group Yoga

Feel the energy in the room and enjoy a relaxed yet invigorating contemplative practice in one of our group sessions. 

Family Yoga

Help stimulate young minds and develop intellectual capacity in a nurturing atmosphere with a family practice.

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Opening Hours:
Daily : 24-hour