The Art of Sound Healing

Dive into the secrets of the inner journey, towards deep healing and ease.

Dive into the secrets of the inner journey

For a liberation of mind and body, give up the healing effects that will gently flow through your essence for a release of new energies. Reconnect with your emotions and plunge into the vibrations of the sound treatment.

A deep transformation

Sound Healing offers more than a moment of relief and liberation of mind. Each session reveals a physical and emotional therapy that ranges from eliminating toxins, lowering blood pressure and stimulating the immune system to treating insomnia and relieving muscle pain.

Tibetan Sound Massage - 55 minutes

Release the negative and stagnant vibrations and experience a Yin-Yang energy balance for an immediate beneficial effect and a harmonious state of well-being.

Sound Bath for Chakra Balancing - 70 minutes

Bathe in the blessed sound waves of the Gong and Tibetan Bowls and bring yourself into a deep meditative state with a sense of loss of concept of space and time.

Sound Healing Connect

Strengthen your love, passion and harmony together by soaking into deeper connections of your relationship.

Special offer on Women's Month

Enjoy a 25% off during the entire month of March on Tibetan Sound Massage, Sound Bath for Chakra Balancing, and Sound Healing Connect.

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